Travelling With Work

I used to look forward to this. Get away from the usual grind at the office, visit new places, eat the local cuisine (steak with red wine, ideally) and so on. It was great, or at least seemed so and therefore I made the most of it given I was having to do it anyway.

Tomorrow I go away for much of the week to Germany with work. Now, aside from the fact I forgot that I’d be in Germany when Liverpool FC is, and therefore couldn’t get hold of any tickets for when they play BVB 09 in the Europa league as I was too late (drat), this trip is not one I’m looking forward to in the same way I used to.


The fantasy.

Quite frankly it’s because life has changed, priorities are changing and my wife is around 12 weeks pregnant. I don’t really want to leave her alone. She’s still getting nauseous, struggling with energy levels and so on. But we spoke about this trip before I committed, and it should benefit me in a new assignment I am starting soon at work. So it makes sense to go. But I don’t want to like I used to want to.

What we did do though is make sure our NHS “12 week” scan is happening after I get back. A week tomorrow in fact. Now that’s something to look forward to. Make the most of this week which is happening. Prepare things for my wife’s few days home (shopping done and tomorrow’s dinner cooked already). Get back, enjoy the weekend and get ready for the scan. It’s one of the big ones.


The reality.


A Dreams Caveat

So, a little while ago I wrote a post entitled Dreams, whereby I talked about how our child would be able to do whatever they want in life. It was focused on enabling them achieve whatever they want, but something occurred to me yesterday and I felt I needed to make things clear.


LFC is excellent, and a child who supported them (if interested in football) would be awesomeness

If things go well, and we have a child, and that child takes an interest – passing or more intense – in football (English football, so soccer), then that child will be guided to support the same team as me to some extent. It would be hard to avoid as I would naturally gravitate to them in any conversation, watch them more often and so on. This would be awesome, see, as we could then follow that team through the highs and lows (I don’t know why I’m resisting naming the club – I think this post here spelt it out: Liverpool FC).


A child interested in football who supported either of these two sides would lead to lots of discussions from varied points of view. This would likely drive their mother crazy

However, if they chose not to, that would be ok, if not brilliant. What would not be allowed under any circumstance (and I say this tongue in cheek as really how could I stop it?) is for the child to support a certain few teams such as Manchester United or Chelsea. No, that would be too much.


Everybody has dreams. I don’t mean the ones projected during REM sleep – although everyone I hope is having those – no, I mean the ones where you aspire for something.

I’m still working on my big professional one. Personally I’ve done brilliantly. But there’re a few things still to do. Some in control – all going well – and others, well, they’re very much top of mind but not close to playing out. Yet.


Dreams can come true, look at me babe I’m with you. You know you gotta have hope, you know you gotta be strong.

Anyway, I digress. This is something my wife and I haven’t talked about yet. So it’s an opinion and it may change as we talk and work out what we want. But as a starting point I think it’s fine. The point is I want our child to do what they want. Absolutely what they want. I may have preferences but as long as it’s viable, moral, proper, then they should be able to do it. So I’d love them to become a professional footballer, a film star or a Professor. I’d also love it if they became an artist, chef, plumber. Every one of those professions is cool. If they want to do it.

I think this article says it all really. For the first five years ensure you have the great relationship and encourage everything, to help your child find what they love. Then support them in that, making sure they know to work hard and they will achieve ANYTHING, and everything they want.


My wife dislikes Rocky. I think he, Sly and everything about them is awesome. I mean – he achieved his dreams, right?

Bottom line – our child needs to be loved and supported, and will be. As part of that we need to ensure they know to work hard and they’ll get what they want. In the meantime their Dad will achieve his dream too, inspired by that bloody kid. He’s competitive, see. Now, to talk this with the wife. Probably once we get past those damned 12 weeks. Or maybe that first early scan will do it…

Cup final day. What happens next?

Today Liverpool football club play Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final. Liverpool has won this 8 times before (more than anyone) and been in 11 finals before (again, more than anyone). It’s a chance to win a trophy, for Klopp to lead his Liverpool side to a first trophy under him and a chance to demonstrate to this team that they can achieve together. In short, it’s a big thing.

Now my wife is awesome. She’s fine with me having the TV all day today so I can watch the game and all around it in peace. I’m not even cooking a roast this week!


Jürgen Norbert Klopp. Future hero of an unborn child?

But my mind does wander to a couple of things. One, what would it be like to watch such an event alongside my child? And two, would it even be possible?

The first question I have no idea. The second I can try and tackle. I’m unlikely to be able to watch it live and unbroken. So therefore the strategy would be to watch as-live, delayed. All I need to do there is avoid any new a la The Likely Lads and hope it’s unspoiled. This I can just about manage today, but in the future with all kinds of other variables?

We’ll see. I accept my view will need to change: expect to see the game knowing what will happen, late at night and broken. Anything else will be a bonus.