What a crazy week!

So the past 7 days or so have been manic. I cam home from my work trip to Germany and watched Liverpool draw away against Borussia Dortmund. The weekend came and went as you might expect it to (read: chores, exercise and football). Then it was our 12 week scan.

This was good, and not so good. The good part – everything was completely as expected at this stage of pregnancy. This was awesome to hear. But we couldn’t do the Nuchal measurement and had been expecting that. So that left us feeling a bit down coming out of the scan. Sounds silly? Yes, in hindsight. But we’d gone in with expectations and these hadn’t been met. Given my wife’s age this was something we were very interested in.


“You can’t fight in here – this is the war room!” Perhaps I needed one for my chat with my Mum

Now comes some of that referred to in an earlier post. My Mum had asked – nay, told me to let her know how it went straight away. So I did. I tried to explain it as we saw it. Turns out, after talking with her, my dad, and her again the next day, that they don’t care about what we hadn’t seen nor what it might tell us. They wanted to hear what we had seen – which was good news – and enjoy it. This whole palava got me into trouble with my folks (great – teenager again!) and got me down for a day or two.

Anyway. Got that sorted. Then Wednesday night we had managed to book ourselves a Harmony test. Another scan, some bloods drawn from my wife all with the aim of checking for the abnormalities the Nuchal test would have shown. I’ll have to detail both the Nuchal test and this in more detail in a coming post – educating potential fathers remember! At the same time my wife was experiencing some pain, and spotting.


For some reason the name Anti-D just makes me think of Biohazard (mainly the game – or Resident Evil as it’s known outside Japan)

Thursday AM. My wife had called the midwife and we’d been advised to go to A&E. We spent the day at the hospital. Various assessments, scans and other tests. Two root causes for the pain and spotting. Both expected/normal things. An injection of Anti-D (spoiler: it hurts. So I hear) – again, to be explained in more detail soon – and then home, happy with the way the NHS looked after us and reassured that all was ok. Tired after a long day but happy as we got a bonus Nuchal test from the scan at A&E. This made us both happy.

Then we told our family. Our folks knew, but not my Aunt and Uncle, Brother nor sister-in-law. They do now. Surprise, happiness, shock and some level of expectedness / question as to why it took so long (various reasons other than choice thanks very much!) was the response. Regardless, it’s great they all know.


What. A. Game.

And then, after a lovely dinner, I got to watch the return leg of the Liverpool vs. Dortmund European tie. A wonderful, but totally crazy (and entirely in-keeping) way to finish the 7 days or so. Phew.


Travelling With Work

I used to look forward to this. Get away from the usual grind at the office, visit new places, eat the local cuisine (steak with red wine, ideally) and so on. It was great, or at least seemed so and therefore I made the most of it given I was having to do it anyway.

Tomorrow I go away for much of the week to Germany with work. Now, aside from the fact I forgot that I’d be in Germany when Liverpool FC is, and therefore couldn’t get hold of any tickets for when they play BVB 09 in the Europa league as I was too late (drat), this trip is not one I’m looking forward to in the same way I used to.


The fantasy.

Quite frankly it’s because life has changed, priorities are changing and my wife is around 12 weeks pregnant. I don’t really want to leave her alone. She’s still getting nauseous, struggling with energy levels and so on. But we spoke about this trip before I committed, and it should benefit me in a new assignment I am starting soon at work. So it makes sense to go. But I don’t want to like I used to want to.

What we did do though is make sure our NHS “12 week” scan is happening after I get back. A week tomorrow in fact. Now that’s something to look forward to. Make the most of this week which is happening. Prepare things for my wife’s few days home (shopping done and tomorrow’s dinner cooked already). Get back, enjoy the weekend and get ready for the scan. It’s one of the big ones.


The reality.

A Dreams Caveat

So, a little while ago I wrote a post entitled Dreams, whereby I talked about how our child would be able to do whatever they want in life. It was focused on enabling them achieve whatever they want, but something occurred to me yesterday and I felt I needed to make things clear.


LFC is excellent, and a child who supported them (if interested in football) would be awesomeness

If things go well, and we have a child, and that child takes an interest – passing or more intense – in football (English football, so soccer), then that child will be guided to support the same team as me to some extent. It would be hard to avoid as I would naturally gravitate to them in any conversation, watch them more often and so on. This would be awesome, see, as we could then follow that team through the highs and lows (I don’t know why I’m resisting naming the club – I think this post here spelt it out: Liverpool FC).


A child interested in football who supported either of these two sides would lead to lots of discussions from varied points of view. This would likely drive their mother crazy

However, if they chose not to, that would be ok, if not brilliant. What would not be allowed under any circumstance (and I say this tongue in cheek as really how could I stop it?) is for the child to support a certain few teams such as Manchester United or Chelsea. No, that would be too much.