Labour – Part One

It’s very nearly 3 weeks since my gorgeous daughter was born. I’m still getting to know her, learning what she does and doesn’t like, and most importantly learning how to look after her. My wife is doing similar, with the added complexity of being the only one who can feed her and recovering from labour. My wife is doing brilliantly. My wife is amazing.

Anyway, I digress. What I wanted to do now is talk through the labour a little as I remember it. Naturally there will already be fog from the time passed, plus the event itself was intense but hopefully I can capture some of it so my wife and I can remember in the future.


Quite clearly, yes it was labour

The first I knew about it was at 2.43 AM on Monday 17th October. My wife woke me and said “Contractions have started” then walked off. I was still in a sleepy haze but eventually worked out that I didn’t know what she wanted me to do with that information and that I should find out how far apart they are. Good call, it turns out.

It’s interesting to note here that my wife the night before had asked her bump to come along now – and she listened! Also, this was the date we reckoned our baby was due. Good workings Mummy!

The contractions were already 4 minutes or so apart. We’d been told by NCT that 3 in 10 was when you head to the hospital. So, I was getting ready to go. My wife here was doing a sterling job of looking after herself. Tens machines, birthing balls and general exercise were working well. We stuck hypnobirthing music on and I tried to get going on my part of that, from touching her shoulder (an anchor) to reciting calming words (3, 2, 1, relax relax relax) and counting down from 10 with affirmations in-between during a contraction.


An artist’s impression of my labouring wife and I on our journey to hospital

Soon we made our way to the hospital after ringing them and being told to do so. The car journey was hard for us both – my wife especially, of course. It was 30 minutes, on a thankfully quiet nighttime road. I managed to get there with correct turnings in every case – improving on my Best Man’s attempts with his labouring wife a few weeks’ earlier. But cornering and bumping in the road didn’t help calm the labour and of course contractions continued throughout. I carried on with my counting and affirmations and we somehow made it to the hospital. I like to think I was rather calm and well-controlled up to now, and I’ll give you a spoiler – ongoing, too. My wife I would hope would agree…

I parked up in the previously scoped-out 20 minute drop-off area. It was 4-something AM by now (I can’t recall exactly, I think maybe 4.15-4.30?) and given the fact it was hard for my wife to walk and she was having contractions this was the only option and the actual car park was a no-no. I knew what the fine for parking here was and had accepted in my mind that would be ok as a full day’s car parking was only 2/3 of it anyway. We parked up, and I got the various bags (which I had loaded into the car earlier of course, taking time before we actually left our house as a couple for the last time) and we headed up to the birth centre.

I’ll continue the rest in a separate post…it’s getting rather long, isn’t it?


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