I’m a Dad!

And it is awesome.

This time last week I was in the birth centre with my wife moving through the various stages of labour. She did amazingly. I am completely in awe with her. At the end, at around 1.14 PM we had a daughter. It was a challenge in the end but my wife came through magnificently.

There would normally be a picture here but I can’t find one that doesn’t make me all teary-eyed thinking about my daughter and how she is my princess and I will look after her and lover her forever.

We’ve spent the past 7 days getting to know this little princess and trying to help her as best we can. Suffice to say it’s completely altered our entire lives, week, days and hours, but all in a good way. Even when I’m grouchy with little sleep and I still can’t help her I want to.

A picture would tend to sit here as well but I wanted to reiterate that this little girl is one of my two shining lights (hello Mummy as the other one!) and I’ll basically do whatever she wants, forever. Little fingers / wrapped around them; already.

I’m finding fatherhood tough but great. I love it, but I find it hard and some bits downright upsetting (I want to help you baby girl but I don’t know what you need yet!). I’ve been cried at, cuddled, wee’d on and slept on and it’s all kinda super. I wouldn’t do it for anyone else but I wanna do it for this one all day long.


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