Paternity leave ends today

Wow. That went so fast. Today my little girl is two week’s old. And tomorrow, I go back to work. That’s rather rubbish.

My life has been turned upside down by this whirlwind little girl. It’s been exciting, hard, happy and sad. Bonding is still in progress but I find myself doing things I didn’t expect to and going back to work takes my wind out.



I think back to that wonderful day, just two weeks ago. I got to cut the cord. I saw my baby come out into the world all grey and pink and covered in stuff and I asked whether she was a boy or a girl and I was invited to take a look. I did, hurriedly, thought I worked it out and told my wife. Her exclamation of ‘we have a daughter’ in a overly happy, hushed tone betraying her exhaustion was magical.

At that point my wife got to hold our little girl for a short while before being taken to theatre. In this time our little one showed the world she was able to do her business all over Mummy, and then she was mine for the next hour or so until Mum was ok to hold her once more. I had no idea what I was doing. I have little more now.


If I must.

I hold her, I pick her up, I twist her around and I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I’m trying though. Trying to do the best for my daughter.

Now, back to work – leaving Mummy and child to look after each other during the day. We’ll see how that goes! I look forward to the evenings, and nights, no matter how hard.


I’m a Dad!

And it is awesome.

This time last week I was in the birth centre with my wife moving through the various stages of labour. She did amazingly. I am completely in awe with her. At the end, at around 1.14 PM we had a daughter. It was a challenge in the end but my wife came through magnificently.

There would normally be a picture here but I can’t find one that doesn’t make me all teary-eyed thinking about my daughter and how she is my princess and I will look after her and lover her forever.

We’ve spent the past 7 days getting to know this little princess and trying to help her as best we can. Suffice to say it’s completely altered our entire lives, week, days and hours, but all in a good way. Even when I’m grouchy with little sleep and I still can’t help her I want to.

A picture would tend to sit here as well but I wanted to reiterate that this little girl is one of my two shining lights (hello Mummy as the other one!) and I’ll basically do whatever she wants, forever. Little fingers / wrapped around them; already.

I’m finding fatherhood tough but great. I love it, but I find it hard and some bits downright upsetting (I want to help you baby girl but I don’t know what you need yet!). I’ve been cried at, cuddled, wee’d on and slept on and it’s all kinda super. I wouldn’t do it for anyone else but I wanna do it for this one all day long.

Waiting for paternity leave

I’m not really, but with my wife being 40+3 weeks’ pregnant people in the office know I’m about to disappear for a couple for weeks. This brings all kinds of comments, and actually so does impending parenthood. The kind of comments that you wonder why someone said them. Here’s a couple that spring to mind:

  1. “Any news yet?” – No, I’m in the office so quite clearly no.
  2. “Get some sleep whilst you can!” – Thanks, I hadn’t realised babies have irregular sleep-patterns and need things when they need it. Also, you can’t really stock up on sleep and put it in your fat reserves. That’s why hibernating animals eat to manage their sleep, not sleep to manage their eating.
  3. “How long until your life is ruined forever?” – Says the pregnant mother of two. Really helpful comment. And somewhat disingenuous, no?
  4. “Have you got any nappies? You’ll need lots of nappies” – Yes, well, quite. This one is helpful I guess but equally, really?
  5. “Are you looking forward to your holiday, nudge-nudge; wink-wink?” – Does this one even need an explanation?
  6. “How’s the mother?” – Oh she’s doing brilliantly as it’s totally not impactful having a multi-pound baby rearrange your internal organs to aid Feng Shui.

We shall see.

Anyway. We’re ready. We’re waiting. Things keep happening but no baby yet. Soon!

The 39 Steps

Or, when ignoring the fact the title is the name of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the 39 weeks.

My wife is 39 weeks (+3) pregnant. Our baby can come anytime. This is hella exciting. Is it nerve-wracking? Bizarrely no. I don’t suggest for one minute I know what I – or we – are doing, nor am I anything less than intrigued by the changes which will be coming but, nervous? No. Ready, excited – looking forward to this wonderful change.


Pretty much.

We’re about as ready as we can be too. I mean we had hoped to have had the house decorated but lead paint in the door frames delayed that (we need someone to seal it in and paint on top and we couldn’t get anybody quickly enough after two sets of decorators let us down and a third wanted to sand the paint – a big no no). But we have a cot, a dressing table, changing mats, travel systems, car seat, clothes, muslins, nappies, frozen food for Mummy and Daddy, a heavily pregnant wife with SPD (so painful and I can’t do anything to help relieve it) and much, much more I’m forgetting. Oh yeah, we finished our antenatal classes without giving birth too which pleased me a lot.

I’m actually so becalmed that I’m evolving a kid’s story in my head. I don’t know whether to go for a baby-type execution (like Where’s Spot or similar) where I need good pictures, or a more Winnie The Pooh type one whereby my story needs to be a little more involved. I have a great pun in the title though :).


I have felt baby quite a lot but this happens a lot too!

We’re nearly there. At the end of one chapter we found difficult to begin and hard all the way through. But then the start of another one which will be rather amazing, crazy and much more in-between all on its own.