Travelling with work

You know what’s kinda awesome when you’re younger? Travelling with work. It’s exciting, isn’t it? You get to go to places you haven’t been, that you love going to or that you think could be awesome. The reality is often that you fly in, sit in an office and fly out, but even with that you probably get a nice meal and/or drinks at the airport on your company.

As you get older you might still appreciate this. One thing which makes the excitement rather less though is having to travel when your pregnant wife is left behind.


It was not like this I assure you

I went to the US on Monday and got back this Friday. The trip was productive and totally worth it from a work POV, despite the fact that two days’ travelling (it was the mid-US so had connections and stuff) was incredibly hard work (and on Saturday morning still is, although I feel much more normal than 24 hrs ago!). But I had to leave my wife behind. I just wanted to be with her, and our baby. Helping to look after her – especially in this heat. It was quite rubbish.

My job requires some travel. Many do. This is fine. But I want to keep that to a minimum. I want to be with my pregnant wife now, and my wife and child in the future.

pregnanyc nike

Hopefully this was my wife’s point of view whilst I was away!


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