Baby Bump Library

So, yesterday I found out that books exist where the intent is to read to our bump. Not for the baby when it arrives, but the bump whilst inside Mummy still. That’s pretty cool.

Up to now I’ve enjoyed seeing the bump grow, and I’ve appreciated the stories my wife’s told me about the baby’s movement and fidgeting and more (it clearly takes after me with the fidgeting!). I’ve felt the baby move and I’ve heard its heartbeat. All of this is good stuff but I’m still very much removed from the process of growing a baby right now.


The requisite Cat in the Hat image given we’re talking Dr. Seuss here

Maybe a little less so now. I ordered Oh, baby, the places you’ll go! Last night. It’s a Dr. Seuss book so I fully expect it to be a little odd and full of rhyme. But it’s designed to read to our bump. It’s designed for me as the Father to read to our bump, and get that little bit more involved in the process. Pretty cool, huh?

I have actually started ramping up Dad prep recently. I have bought a man-bag changing bag and a couple of books on how to prepare for Fatherhood. The bag is black, and boring according to my wife – but that works perfectly for me. It has space for my phone, change, tablet/laptop and more. The more being changing mat, nappies and so on J. The books are The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide and Rocking Fatherhood. One’s old and well known; the other brand new. Both seem to take you from the start of the journey to the early days (or beyond?) of actually having a baby to look after. I don’t have any preconceptions about how useful/relevant either will be but figured I should get reading to help prepare as much as possible. To be fair, I think I’m old and wise enough to have an idea of what’s coming along so to date I’ve not been fazed…and hope as I read the books that continues!


That’s me, that is. In this case.

It’s weird. I actually feel calm about it all right now. How much will this change? Is it normal? Is it that I’m getting on a bit and my mind has just had many more years to get ready for it? Either way it’s helpful as I can focus on what we need to do and help get it done.


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