A Separated Future?

Today the world awoke to learn that The united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has voted to leave the EU, with a 51.9 to 48.1% majority.

My wife and I, plus many of our friends and family have been trying to get our heads around this news and the many ramifications that might come from it. Some things have started already – my particular favourites being the drop in sterling, the drop in share prices and the various Leave voters explaining how they didn’t think their vote would have an impact and now they regret it and are fearful for their futures. Oh, and Cornwall demanding the UK government matches the current subsidy they get from the EU, which they voted to leave.


Our future PM? This is the man we must hope can lead the post-EU plan and help make the best ever from the situation we’re in

What’s a little more pertinent is the fact that later this year, all being well, our child will be born into this country and this country is accelerating towards its inexorable fall from great empire to insignificant island.

However, that’s not a very productive way of looking at it, is it? I mean, yes, so much looks like it will go bad. But I want our child to have all the good. So let’s take a little time to get over this, then watch our political leaders swap around. Let’s watch strong leaders take their place at the top of the tree and let’s listen to their plans and let them know what’s good and not so good. Let’s make the most of the hand we’ve been dealt by yesterday’s vote and make the most of it. Let’s make the future the best it can be. For us, and our children. We might be separated from the future Unites States of Europe but we might be able to retain some of the greatness we have had. Or we can move to Iceland.


See, Iceland it is!


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  1. sexuality and the city · June 24, 2016

    We can only hope :-s


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