A Tale of Two Midwives and a Heartbeat

So, on Friday my wife had a midwife appointment as we’re at the 16 weeks mark now. Somehow. We still don’t have a midwife yet as the local one is on long-term sick leave and right now our NHS district is covering her workload with a variety of other midwives.

We had to wait a while – as you do – but eventually were lucky enough to have two midwives, oddly. Both were very nice and each was helpful in any way they could. A ten or so minute appointment easily stretched to thirty minutes or more whilst they did the necessary checks and answered the list of questions we’d built up over time. Well, my wife had built it up but I supported it strongly.


I was struggling with pics for this post so here you go – let’s make it a purfect day 😀

We got a bit more information about what’s to come. Specifically the consult my wife needs (as due to her suffering from ME we need to see if we need midwife or consultant led care) – which as it turns out hadn’t been booked as it was meant to have been – is now sorted. We were reminded of our 20 week scan towards the end of May and we were told to get my wife some blood tests in a while ahead of the 28 week anti-D injection she needs. I think that’s right anyway – she was taking notes and I’m doing this all from my memory!


The midwives actually used a machine but it was nearly as funny as this would have been

Most excitingly on the day midwife number one decided to listen for the baby’s heartbeat. She couldn’t find it. She told us not to panic but obviously leaving like that wouldn’t have been great. Fortunately she invited midwife number two to have a go, and she was able to locate it. It was awesome hearing that. Each day brings something new, and each day makes it more exciting. And a little more scary :). 147 bpm by the way, in case you’re interested. Normal range right now is 110-160 so baby done good.


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