A Dreams Caveat

So, a little while ago I wrote a post entitled Dreams, whereby I talked about how our child would be able to do whatever they want in life. It was focused on enabling them achieve whatever they want, but something occurred to me yesterday and I felt I needed to make things clear.


LFC is excellent, and a child who supported them (if interested in football) would be awesomeness

If things go well, and we have a child, and that child takes an interest – passing or more intense – in football (English football, so soccer), then that child will be guided to support the same team as me to some extent. It would be hard to avoid as I would naturally gravitate to them in any conversation, watch them more often and so on. This would be awesome, see, as we could then follow that team through the highs and lows (I don’t know why I’m resisting naming the club – I think this post here spelt it out: Liverpool FC).


A child interested in football who supported either of these two sides would lead to lots of discussions from varied points of view. This would likely drive their mother crazy

However, if they chose not to, that would be ok, if not brilliant. What would not be allowed under any circumstance (and I say this tongue in cheek as really how could I stop it?) is for the child to support a certain few teams such as Manchester United or Chelsea. No, that would be too much.


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