The first scan

Hey folks! Next week my wife and I have a scan booked. Our first scan. Our first chance to check if all is going well. If it isn’t, what happens then is a whole different ball game to the one I want to talk about. And hope for.


A random scan, I assure you.

If the scan shows all is going well that also means we’ll get to see something equating to OUR child, OUR baby. Wow. If that happens – if we are so lucky – just, wow. We are further forward than we were last time. This is great. But neither of us is allowing ourselves to get excited. And we won’t until 12 and/or 19 weeks. But this scan, at 8, should help massively – or at least provide some clarity on how to think.


Back to Reality is quite possibly the finest Red Dwarf episode ever.

I can’t imagine either way to be honest. One way filled with such joy and wonder – a chance to really get excited and start talking about the next few months and years. The other way? Let’s cross that bridge if we need to. We will, of course. Whatever happens we’re in it together and will work through it as such. I just hope. I really do. Hope. Such a good word. It does always remind me of that Red Dwarf episode though.



  1. dadstayedhome · March 1, 2016

    This family will be thinking about you guys. Hope all goes amazing for you guys.


  2. 80's Dad · March 2, 2016

    Cheers man!


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