Everybody has dreams. I don’t mean the ones projected during REM sleep – although everyone I hope is having those – no, I mean the ones where you aspire for something.

I’m still working on my big professional one. Personally I’ve done brilliantly. But there’re a few things still to do. Some in control – all going well – and others, well, they’re very much top of mind but not close to playing out. Yet.


Dreams can come true, look at me babe I’m with you. You know you gotta have hope, you know you gotta be strong.

Anyway, I digress. This is something my wife and I haven’t talked about yet. So it’s an opinion and it may change as we talk and work out what we want. But as a starting point I think it’s fine. The point is I want our child to do what they want. Absolutely what they want. I may have preferences but as long as it’s viable, moral, proper, then they should be able to do it. So I’d love them to become a professional footballer, a film star or a Professor. I’d also love it if they became an artist, chef, plumber. Every one of those professions is cool. If they want to do it.

I think this article says it all really. For the first five years ensure you have the great relationship and encourage everything, to help your child find what they love. Then support them in that, making sure they know to work hard and they will achieve ANYTHING, and everything they want.


My wife dislikes Rocky. I think he, Sly and everything about them is awesome. I mean – he achieved his dreams, right?

Bottom line – our child needs to be loved and supported, and will be. As part of that we need to ensure they know to work hard and they’ll get what they want. In the meantime their Dad will achieve his dream too, inspired by that bloody kid. He’s competitive, see. Now, to talk this with the wife. Probably once we get past those damned 12 weeks. Or maybe that first early scan will do it…


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