Cup final day. What happens next?

Today Liverpool football club play Manchester City in the Capital One Cup final. Liverpool has won this 8 times before (more than anyone) and been in 11 finals before (again, more than anyone). It’s a chance to win a trophy, for Klopp to lead his Liverpool side to a first trophy under him and a chance to demonstrate to this team that they can achieve together. In short, it’s a big thing.

Now my wife is awesome. She’s fine with me having the TV all day today so I can watch the game and all around it in peace. I’m not even cooking a roast this week!


Jürgen Norbert Klopp. Future hero of an unborn child?

But my mind does wander to a couple of things. One, what would it be like to watch such an event alongside my child? And two, would it even be possible?

The first question I have no idea. The second I can try and tackle. I’m unlikely to be able to watch it live and unbroken. So therefore the strategy would be to watch as-live, delayed. All I need to do there is avoid any new a la The Likely Lads and hope it’s unspoiled. This I can just about manage today, but in the future with all kinds of other variables?

We’ll see. I accept my view will need to change: expect to see the game knowing what will happen, late at night and broken. Anything else will be a bonus.


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